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The Deutsche Klein Emfanger, Nazi radio

The famous Deutsche Klein Emfanger (DKE 38)With Nazi symbol. Was a special tool for the Nazi Propaganda in conquered Europe! The radio is in a mint condition and works well! Special selling price $800. Plus shipping $35.00 within USA. For foreign shipping cost please consult us. Note: One just sold! ONE LEFT! We have just received one more DKE38, in mint condition. Sorry,this one is already SOLD to Australia! Shortly we may get another one! If you are really interested in DKE38. Please mail payment of $800! To keep the radio for you. ANOTHER ONE JUST ARRIVED FROM EUROPE! NOW WE HAVE ONE MORE DKE38 TO SELL! Thank you.
Built in 1938 by Braun Company , was the most famous of all Nazi Propaganda radios, all bakelite. Although it has BBC and French, as well as Polish stations listed, transmitting was done through Berlin Propaganda Ministry! This is the only one! $900 plus S&H. Still works perfect! ONLY ONE LEFT! NOW ALSO SOLD!
Goebels, Nazi Propaganda Radio!

1955 Tonfunk JUST ARRIVED!
This 1955 W.German Tonfunk art-deco radio is quite large 24X14X11 inch.Wood case,8 tubes, 4 speakers, 8 push-buttons and 6 knobs. Magic eye. AM/FM/SW/LW. It was the top of the line! It works, Completely refurbished, $350.Plus S&H! One of a kind! Very,rare radio! SORRY, it is SOLD!
This beautiful Grundig tape recorder is in a mint condition, it works great. Takes only 5.1/2 inch reels. It still has the original German plug.Now it is changed to the American specifications! We have set it for 110 volts.(it also works on 220 volts.) Special price was $100 plus S&H. SORRY, BUT IT IS NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE!
1968 reel to Reel Tape Recorder

This fine radio was made in Italy in 1952. AM/FM/SW and High Fidelity.It has a beautiful all shiny wood cabinet. Scratch free.Made by Italian craftsmen. Our Special price of this set is only $350. Plus $40.S&H. SOLD!
This magnificent radio was made in West Germany, it features AM and two Short Wave bands. It brings the entire world. It has a great wooden hand polished cabinet, four tubes, our special Web price for this radio is only $150 plus S&H of $18.00. A very beautiful, rare and unusual radio!
Lowe-Opta 1958 Model 709B
This nice Solid State Grundig RF115, was made in Austria in 1953, it has 7 AM circuts and 11 FM circuts.The radio is quite large: L: 22 X W: 7 X H. 5.1/2 inches. It works good, but the AM bands are very weak, FM is perfect. It may need a new tube, we do not know. Our Special web price is $100.00 plus S&H. One in a million! Collectible and rare!
1953 Grundig AM/FM very large radio

Combination of French and American parts 1934
This great Radio was made in 1934, it operates on 220 Volts, Actually it is an Atwater Kent Model 206, but this one is a combination of American and French Parts, with the cabinet made in either USA or Morocco. It was sold in Casablanca, largest city in Morocco. Our special price is $350. incl. S&H. Very rare and unusual radio! It needs cleaning and changing to 110 volts. If you want to use it in USA or its possesions.
Morocco Radio1934 Open Back

The French Picador 1954 Art Deco Radio
Georgeus real art deco radio made in 1954 in France. It has five tubes. AM/FM/SW. One of the most beautiful radios ever made by any country. It works well. Special web price is $750.00 incl.S&H. SOLD!
All covered with snake skin, Picador
This most unusual Grundig radio has AM/FM/2SW Bands. It also has a (torch halogean light)The radio also works on batteries as well as on 4.5Volts DC adaptor. It is a great radio!You can listen on it to the entire world!The hand operated crank charges it for hours! Then, no batteries nor electic current are needed! Only $75.00 plus S&H $25! A Geat Special Buy!
Grundig 200 Self charging radio

SiemensG-41, 1948-1953 W.German Radio
This giant radio size is 23 X 15.1/2 X 12 inches. All wood construction case, in a fair condition.(It shows its age.) The radio otherwise is beautiful, it has seven vacum tubes, two speakers, seven pushbuttons, 4 knobs,1 treble and 1 bass wheels. Magic Eye. The price of this nice radio is $275.00 plus S&H. Professionaly packed in 3 boxes)The only one we have! It needs TLC! SOLD!
This nice 1960 Grundig 305 radio was made in Portugal. It operates on 6C batteries or one 9 volt battery. Radio works well. The Grundig Majestic sign and the battery cover are not original. Special $85 plus S&H within USA. We have two! One with handle,the other one with carrying strap has all original parts, and signs.
This beautiful silver, modern 2002 Philips radio features a digital tuning, AM/FM/ Cassette and Disc Players. It works good! Special web price is $75.00 plus S&H. We have this one only! Hurry, it will be gone soon! Do not miss it! What a buy!
Philips 2002 AM/FM/Cassette/Disc

Philips 2002 Back Panel
This magnificent radio,Grundig 6001. works well, it has AC/DC, the DC part need a special Grundig Battery.AM/FM/LW/9SW bands. All Transistorized. Very large, 17 X 10 X 5 inches. Made in 1968, W.Germany.S O L D!
Grundig Satelit, The Rolls Royce of Grundigs

1967 Siemens All bands Solid State
This beautiful Siemens radio was made in West Germany in 1967. It has AM/FM/LW/MW/SW, it looks great and works good. It has two attachable speakers. It is quite small radio, easy to ship and handle. Wood cabinet.It operates now on 110 volts, it can be changed to 220 volts. Special Web Price is $185, plus $30 for S&H incl insurance.SOLD!
This nice 1955 radio was made in Poland. It has a blond wood cabinet also Polish made. AM/FM/2SW. It features; 4 tubes,large speaker,2 knobs 8 pushbuttons and a Magic Eye. SOLD!
Galaxia Polish Radio 1955

Grundig 102U AM/FM with handle
This beautiful W. German radio, Grundig 102U has three tubes and two bands AM/FM. Works. Its case is all hand rubbed wood. Very unusual, it has a carrying handle!Only $115 incl. S&H within USA SOLD!
Grundig 102U 1959. Back Panel.

Norelco 1955 Holland Tube radio
Just received!Very rare Norelco Bakelite radio, made in Holland in 1955.It has four bands and five tubes, very beautiful radio. Collectible. NOW! ONLY $250.00 including S&H. SOLD!

Back Panel of Norelco 1955 , Holland

Very unusual 1947 radio AM/2SW
This Collectible 1947 Philips radio is really very beautiful!The best we have ever had and it works good.It is made out of heavy bakelite with a white bakelite grill.It is a small radio with 5 tubes and great reception. SOLD!
This beautiful small transistor radio, called the Nordemenede "TRANSISTA" It features, AM/FM/and Shortwave. Five pushbuttons and two knobs.It operates on batteries.The size of this radio is:
L: 10 W: 3 H: with the handle is 8 inches. Special price $100.

Made in West Germany 1971

Grundig 87 1959 AM/FM excellent!
This beautiful radio is in an excellent
working condition, it has 6AM and 10FM bands.4 tubes. It is bakelite off-white and Burgundy color. SOLD!

Grundig 87 1959 Back Panel

This East European looking 1964 Grundig
has AM/FM/3SW/LW, it was made in East Germany.It has 16 transistors it works on 6D batteries. The radio is quite large and heavy!It is very rare radio made for the East European market to compete with USSR transistor radios. It works! $95.00 plus S&H $25.00 SOLD!
This is the Inside of the Grundig 1964!It has 16 transistors!Very collectible and very rare radio! SOLD!
Only one! This very rare little Grundig 1955/1958, has German coins in the knobs. Was it made for a casino? Or a special order, We do not know. Becuse of this, it is worth 3 times or more, as of what we are selling it for! Has 4 Tubes,the Case is Plastic, Burgundy color. It works good!This month only, SPECIAL! $180.00 Plus $25.-S&H and insurance. A real rare great VALUE! SOLD!
Grundig 88 1958 Coins Knobs

Perdio made in London 1965
Most unusual Perdio transistor radio made in 1965 in London, England.
It operates on 67 volt battery.
It is fair, very rare.
Special Web price is $85.00 plus $15.00 S&H within USA.
This blond wood radio was made in
1956 in W.Germany. It has AM/FM/SW and needs TLC as the cabinet requires work, cleaning etc. The radio plays.SOLD!

1956 Emud Record Jr. 6 Tubes

1957 Nordemende Kadett Sterling Hi-Fi
This excellent Nordemende radio all Bakelite was made in 1957, it features AM/FM/SW. It also has five pushbuttons, 4 knobs, treble and bass controls, it is really one in a "million!" Special price $215, plus $35 S&H within USA. Cosmetically and electronically,the radio is excellent! Our only one!
This large Grundig 115U is: 22X 6.1/2 X 5.1/2 inches. AM/FM Solid State, 1963/5 The best Solid State radio ever made.In a good cosmetic condition and working well. Special $135.00 plus $25.00 S&H. Including insurance. EXCELLENT BUY!
Grundig 115U Excellent!

Majestic U-215 British World War 2, Radio.
This radio is one of the few 1944 radios saved in this excellent condition. It has been repainted! The radio has five tubes. BC and three shortwave bands it works well on all the bands. Very special price of this most rare radio is only $250.(S&H included.)
Back panel of the Majestic British radio

Norelco AM/FM/SW, Nice
This most unusual Norelco radio, made in Holland. Model B3X83A was made in 1963, it needs, some cabinet work and cleaning of the scale. We fixed the cabinet,best we could. The radio works! It has AM/FM/SW. Special price for our Web site, is only $150.00 plus S&H (It is worth well over $300)


Item # Year Description Cost
1 1965 Grundig 305 AM/FM Portable transistor, works! $ 75.00
2 1937 DKE38 AM Nazi w/emblem. One left. $800.00
3 1947 Tonfunk, Large W. German, wood case radio, AM/FM/SW/LW. Nice.Very rare!Special! SOLD!
4 1959 Florida Yugoslav AM/FM/SW Wood SOLD!
5 1961 Grundig 85 AM/FM Bakelite SOLD!
6 1960 Grundig 94U AM/FM (2) each: SOLD!
7 1957 Grundig 98 AM/FM Table wood SOLD!
8 1947 Grundig "Heizelman" AM/FM (1990 copy) Wood. NEW SOLD!
9 1964 Polish Galaxie AM/FM2SW (2) Blond Wood Each; SOLD!
10 1955 Grundig 100U Plastic AM/FM/SW SOLD!
11 1998 Grundig "Yacht Boy" 205 12 Bands new SOLD!
12 1960 Grundig/DeJur Tape Recorders (5) each $ 65.00
13 1960 Telefunken "Allegro" AM/FM/2SW. Wood, Stereo, 3 speakers,giant table radio SOLD!
Item # Year Descripton Cost
14 1960 Grundig Reel to Reel Tape Recorder Mint! $100.00
15 1957 Grundig TR AM Cassette Player $65.00
16 1994 Grundig FR200 Crank Operated, no batteries needed. $100.00
17 1960 Grundig 102 AM/FM Wood with handle SOLD!
18 1950 Grundig 3045 AM/FM/SW/SW Wood *** SOLD!
19 1955/8 Grundig 88 AM/FM Repaired crack on side, Burgundy fair. Special! SOLD!
20 1965 Grundig 300 AM/FM Transistor Nice!Last one! $65.00
21 1956 Delmonico AM/FM/SW Table nice. SOLD!
22 1965 Grundig 115U Solid State AM/FM Wood SOLD!
23 1973 Grundig 121 TR AM/FM Twin Speaker Wood Beautiful! $125.00
24 1971 Nordemende "Transista AM/FM/SW Fair $100.00
25 1968 Nordmende Transista deluxe AM/FM/SW Leather $120.00
26 1979 Phillips Tape Recorder, CassetteWood $ 80.00
27 1960 Delmonico 1954, AM/FM. 12 tubes, 4 speakers Large wood table radio. Refinished. $ 100.00

Item# Year Description Cost
28 1954 Phillips Bakelite/Material AM/LW/SW SOLD!
29 2002 Grundig 100 AM/FM/6SW miniature NEW! SOLD!
30 1964 Phillips Canada AM/FM/SW* SOLD!
31 1978 Siemens "Klangmaister" AM/FM/SW Wood Mint! SOLD!
32 1971 Norelco, by Phillips AM/Clock TR SOLD!
33 1958 Grundig 88, with coins in the knobs. AM/FM one in a million!Very rare! Works good. SOLD!
34 1952 Grundig 4010 AM/FM/SW GIANT Table, Wood Cabinet SOLD!
35 1938 VE301 - German Nazi 3 tube bakelite radio, Mint! SOLD!
36 1951 RECORD SR. AM/FM/SW Large*in bad shape (works) $ 85.00
37 1960 Grundig 2440 AM/FM/SW wood ,works Needs TLC SOLD!
38 1956 Lucor "Roma" Italian radio AM/FM/SW wood table SOLD!
39 1999 Sangean Digital AM/FM/12SW/BFO/SSB SOLD!
40 1956 Philips Art Deco AM/FM/SW Bakelite, nice SOLD!
41 1957 "Tiny"Schaub-Lorenz TR AM/FM/10 Short Wave Bands $85.00
Item# Year Description Cost
42 1970 Grundig "Baby Boy" TR Bakelite , nice. $ 75.00
43 1971 USSR TR AM/FM/4SW VEF214 Very nice! SOLD!
44 1964 Blaupunkt "Ballet" AM/FM/SW Blonde Bakelite Mint SOLD!
45 1938 Russian 78 Record Player "Leningrad" Hand winded $250.00
46 1967 Perdio English Radio AM/SW Transistor Plastic $ 60.00
47 1957. Nordmende Sterling. AM/FM/SW Bakelite, Kadett 57 $250.00
48 1962 Grundig 3165 Blond Wood W. Germany Works OK SOLD!
49 1961 Roland, Transistor,(British style) Mt. Vernon. Works. $ 75.00
50 1956 Nordmende "Sterling" Bakelite, Art Decco)Perfect! $185.00
51 1967 Grundig TR AM/FM/SW large portable plays well $ 89.00
52 1950 Grundig 997, (2) the famous ones. AM/FM/SW bakelite.Special Sale! each: $165.00
53 1952 Emud Record Jr. AM/FM/SW Wood Table Model $ SOLD!
54 1951 Telefunken Caprice AM/FM Bakelite $ SOLD!
55 1959 Grundig 87 AM/FM Red Plastic very nice $ SOLD!

Item# Year Description Cost
56 1965 Telefunken Opus 2650 AM/FM Stereo Giant Transistorized SOLD!
57 1958 Telefunken "Andante"205 Wood AM/FM/2SW SOLD!
58 1968 Grundig "Satelit" 6001 TR. AM/FM/SW Excellent large transistor SOLD!
59 1947 Philips B3Y 75 Bakelite AM/2SW SOLD!
60 1950 Westrex Blonde Wood, AM/FM/SW/LW/Wire Tape SOLD!
61 1965 Philips AM/SW 15AL TR very rare and excellent! $ 45.00
62 1980 Akkord AM/FM/SW Transistor. Green/White Nice Works! Special! SOLD!
63 1964 .Grundig 16 Transistors, works! AM/FM/3SW/LW (Fair) SOLD!
64 1960 Grundig 617 AM/FM Portable (fair)works. $45.00
65 1964 Grundig 2320 Tube Radio, AM/FM/SW (Last Bakelite ) SOLD!
66 1954 Blaupunkt MINT, AM/FM/SW Looks like Catalin, perfect! SOLD!

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